Why ProHome?
  • Brand enhancing value added service

  • One off fixed cost per unit vs long term operating expenses per development

  • Allows the developer to keep their focus on the next project

  • 3rd party impartiality to dispute resolution, reducing exposure to litigation

  • Warranty manual with mutually agreed quality parameters

  • Proprietary management procedures and Software Systems

  • Independent on shore Communications Centre

ProhomeUk Quality Assurance and Warranty
Enhance your Brand
  • Value added product differentiating you positively with buyers

  • ProHome will actively defend the build standard and quality of materials used with the buyers

  • ProHome manage buyer’s expectations and demands

  • ProHome improves your post sales image

Save Money
  • ProHome is paid a single fixed fee per unit you sell, no recurring costs

  • Sets out a fixed budget for the delivery of post sale services

  • Using ProHome eliminates the operating expenses of delivering post sales buyer support and service

  • Costs saved include staff, associated training and office space

Move Forward
  • ProHome take on all of your post sales administration

  • Using ProHome improves the morale of your staff

  • Using ProHome ensures the quality of construction and finish is uniform

  • Using ProHome lets you make informed decisions on the choice of sub contractors and materials

  • Using ProHome means you can put all of your efforts into the next development

3rd Party Impartiality
  • Using ProHome separates the builder from the warranty decision

  • Buyers are more likely to accept a “NO” from ProHome

  • Buyers are clear and accepting of the process

  • Using ProHome significantly reduces the risk of litigation from the buy side

Warranty Manual
  • The warranty manual gives clarity to the buyer, managing expectations and demands

  • Parameters agreed with you in advance

  • The warranty manual gives the buyer clear guidance on how to make a claim and who to call and for what

Proprietary Management Systems
  • ProHome has operated its own in house proprietary software division for the last 25 years

  • Project specific communication hub

  • Buyer delivery processes

  • Field administration and interaction

  • Oversight and management reports

  • Buyer maintenance and acceptance programs

Communications Centre
  • ProHome operates an in country communications centre

  • All buyer claims, requests and  wishes are assessed and either actioned or declined dependent upon the nature of the claim

  • Scheduling of sub contractors to carry out remedial work

  • Scheduling of “walkthroughs”

  • Sends out regular performance reports to developers or builders